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    5 Best Projects On Kickstarter Right Now

    Be the first of your friends to get these great new products.

    1. Walk On Socks: A Fun Design On The Sole Of Every Pair

    Not only will we wrap your calf with a design you can be proud of, we go the extra mile and put a fun print on the sole of every pair.

    2. Flag: the app that prints and mails your photos for free

    Flag is a phone and tablet app that prints your photos and mails them to you, your family or friends, for free.

    3. Rocks & Gravel Coffee: Organic Eco-Roasts To Your Door

    Try our small batch, organic, fair trade coffee, shipped direct from roast in recyclable & collectible tins, designed by Stef Mitchell.

    4. ARK: The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger

    ARK, the next generation portable charger empowers your phone at anytime, anywhere and most important, all wirelessly.

    5. MODERN RUIN: A World's Fair Pavilion

    50 Years in the making. The mysteries of a New York World's Fair Pavilion, told by the people who lived it. Architecture in peril.