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    This Toy Company Will Make A Stuffed Animal Replica Of Your Pet

    So you never have to leave your pet's side.

    It's tough being a pet owner separated from your furry friend.

    A company called Cuddle Clones wants to change that.

    If you send Cuddle Clones a photo of your pet (and money, of course), they'll hook you up with a custom-made stuffed animal or figurine.

    Courtesy of Cuddle Clones / Via Instagram: @schnauzerstanley

    You can even choose your pet's tail and ear positions.

    CEO Jennifer Williams was inspired when she realized she'd never be able to find a generic stuffed animal that was similar to her great dane, Rufus, Cuddle Clones co-founder Adam Greene told BuzzFeed News.

    "She couldn't buy anything off the shelf that would look like him," Greene said. "We found there really was a need from this and no one really was fulfilling it out there."

    So far this month, they've fielded at least 500 requests.

    They donate a portion of each purchase to pet charities and shelters.

    Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

    About 40% of customers use the service as a form of self-therapy to memorialize pets who died, Greene said.

    "I've lost a pet before," Greene said. "You at least know someone if you haven't. It really is like losing a member of the family. It's quite a jolt."

    Others get them to be companions on the road, at nursing homes, or in hospitals.

    One teen girl who had to leave home for Lyme disease treatments took the stuffed-animal version of her dog with her on each trip, Greene said.

    The toys aren't limited to just cats and dogs — they've also made a little pig.

    And a hen.

    And horses.

    Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

    Even a parakeet!

    Greene told BuzzFeed News they've filled also filled requests for hamsters, chickens, donkeys, ferrets, bunnies, fish, and even a pet spider.

    Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

    But getting your pet immortalized in toy form doesn't come cheap: Prices start at $129 and vary based on the size of your loved one.

    The best part is that every animal is cute enough.

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