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    This Guy Makes Insanely Cool Sidewalk Art You Can Only See When It Rains

    Good thing it's all in Seattle.

    Seattle artist Peregrine Church makes street art you can only see when it's wet outside.

    Rainworks / Via

    Walk past one of his pieces on a nice day, and you'll see nothing.

    Rainworks / Via

    But luckily there's no shortage of rain in Seattle, so it's usually not long before Church's creations, known as Rainworks, appear.

    Rainworks / Via

    This one reads, "Stay dry out there."

    Church's goal is to brighten up those rainy days.

    Rainworks / Via

    "When I think of someone walking in the rain, I think of their head down with uncomfortable body posture," the 22-year-old told BuzzFeed News. "Just sort of an uncommon, anxious state."

    Since May 2014, Church has been using what's called a biodegradable superhydrophobic coating to stencil his work.

    Rainworks / Via

    After setting for 24 hours, the spray repels water.

    Some pieces are uplifting.

    And others are cheeky.

    His illustration of the water cycle doubles as a hopscotch game and spans 20 feet in diameter.

    "I'm hoping putting a positive or clever message or something beautiful on the sidewalk that wasn't there yesterday will take [people] out of their routine and make them feel a positive emotion," Church said.

    Right now, there are between 25 and 30 Rainworks throughout Seattle. Each piece lasts anywhere from four months to a year.

    Church plans to keep making more, both commissioned and not. He's also working toward releasing educational materials so aspiring artists in other cities can follow suit.

    "We’d have a global Rainworks map so that anyone in the world can go looking for them," Church said.

    He added, "What I really love to do is think of ways to make the world a more interesting place and inspire people to do the same."

    H/T CityLab

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