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This Guy Captures Delightfully Weird Photos Of Squirrels Weightlifting

Max Ellis poses the squirrels right in his London backyard.

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Over the past three years, Ellis has periodically staged the sets in his own backyard.

Max Ellis / Via

It all started when he needed a new idea to keep up his daily photo blog. He turned to the squirrels, willing subjects who visit his house four or five times a day.

Photoshoot day or not, Ellis said always he sets out food for his squirrel friends.

Max Ellis / Via

"Sometimes I imagine I see a look of slight disappointment when there's just a pile of sunflower seeds on the table," he said. "They're like, 'Where's the playground?!'"


Squirrels aren't his only four-legged subjects of choice: Ellis also posts a "stag of the day" photo to Instagram.

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