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This Dad Has A Controversial Plan To Keep Boys Away From His Daughter

It's every girl's dream to go to school wearing a T-shirt featuring her shirtless dad, right?

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This photo of a dad who posed with his daughter wearing a custom T-shirt went viral after internet personality Josh Ostrovsky, who goes by The Fat Jew, posted it on Instagram.

She does not look amused.

The girl's shirt is screen-printed with a photo of her father and the phrase "Stay clear boys, this is my dad!"

When Kit Dale, a two-time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, posted the photo to his Facebook page and added "Hahahha smart dad..," he got mixed reactions from his fans.

Some people applauded the father's strategy.

Others just thought it was hilarious.

And still more commenters argued the shirt is over-protective and sends young girls the wrong message.

But there is one thing a lot of the commenters seemed to agree on: His effort to keep suitors away from his daughter is attracting suitors of his own. Oh, dads.

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