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This Dad Has A Controversial Plan To Keep Boys Away From His Daughter

It's every girl's dream to go to school wearing a T-shirt featuring her shirtless dad, right?

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This photo of a dad who posed with his daughter wearing a custom T-shirt went viral after internet personality Josh Ostrovsky, who goes by The Fat Jew, posted it on Instagram.

She does not look amused.

The girl's shirt is screen-printed with a photo of her father and the phrase "Stay clear boys, this is my dad!"

When Kit Dale, a two-time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, posted the photo to his Facebook page and added "Hahahha smart dad..," he got mixed reactions from his fans.

But there is one thing a lot of the commenters seemed to agree on: His effort to keep suitors away from his daughter is attracting suitors of his own. Oh, dads.