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    This Avid Reader Makes Gorgeous 3D Art Out Of Abandoned Books

    There's more than one way to enjoy a book.

    Artist Isobelle Ouzman makes intricate 3D art, rescuing abandoned or unloved books and transforming them into something beautiful.

    She uses old ones friends give her and abandoned works she finds while walking around Seattle.

    "These are books nobody wants and books that are kind of falling apart," Ouzman told BuzzFeed News. "I’m fixing them. Otherwise they would just be in a landfill somewhere."

    She's done 10 pieces since starting about a year ago, using glue, an X-Acto knife, fine-point pens, and watercolors.

    On top of her day job working in a print shop, each book takes her about two months to transform.

    The 22-year-old describes herself as shy and said that as a kid, books were her escape.

    "I just kind of withdrew and read a lot of books," she said, explaining her personal attachment to them. "When I see a book thrown away that way, it kind of does something to me."

    Ouzman said she's inspired to create worlds based on her dreams.

    "What one person sees as something that's garbage, it can be turned into something magical," she said. "I'm really into fairytales and creating things that people don't see."

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