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Here's An Adorable Domesticated Red Fox You Can Follow On Instagram

Rylai is an impossibly cute 5-week-old. She naps as often as you wish you could.

Meet Rylai. She's a domesticated red fox and also your new best friend.

Rylai's owner, Jennifer, 29, introduced the 5-week-old to Reddit after taking her home about a week ago.

Since Rylai's family is more than 100 years removed from living in the wild, she wouldn't be able to survive out there, Jennifer said.

There's one simple reason Jennifer wanted Rylai as a pet, she told BuzzFeed News: "She’s just stinkin’ cute."

Rylai works about as hard as anybody else.

Works hard at being cute, that is.

And she sounds a bit like a combination of a few animals: "They do kind of have a purring noise and they do kind of have a barking noise, but then they have this other noise that sounds like a whining monkey," Jennifer said.

Jennifer is training Rylai, but she cautions fellow fox lovers that they're not the easiest pets to care for.

It's also not legal everywhere to own a red fox.

But the good news is, you can always follow along with Rylai's adorably sleepy adventures.

You can find this snugglemuffin on Instagram and Facebook.

Anyone else ready for nap time? 😴