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    This Canadian City Might Build The CitiBike Of Ice Skating

    The proposed Freezeway trail would be nearly seven miles long. If this isn't the most Canadian thing ever I don't know what is.

    Getting around is a pain in the cold, but one Canadian city might lift winter blues by building an ice skating path nearly seven miles long.

    BBC News reports Edmonton, Alberta, discussed the Freezeway at a recent conference about how cities can liven up their winters.

    Edmonton native Matt Gibbs is working with the Edmonton Ski Club to have a shorter pilot version of the trail ready to go as early as next winter, Susan Holdsworth, Edmonton's Winter City coordinator, told BuzzFeed News.

    Part of her team's job is looking for ways to embrace winter.

    His idea stood out to Winter City among hundreds of ideas proposed in 2013, and has been floating around as a possibility ever since.

    Gibbs has even uploaded a detailed Freezeway proposal to YouTube.

    Gibbs envisions shops lining the path.

    In the summer, it'd become a bike lane.

    The trail "creates gathering spaces that serve as interfaces to the community," Gibbs said in his proposal video.

    Gibbs describes dividing the path into nine distinct "character areas," featuring different experiences.

    But not everyone is on board with the Freezeway.

    Check out the full proposal here.

    View this video on YouTube / Via