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    A Mom Made A Sensitive Coloring Book To Show Her Son Even Superheroes Cry Sometimes

    They also brush their teeth while pooping. Who knew?

    Illustrator and cartoonist Linnéa Johansson's 3-year-old son vowed to stop crying because superheroes don't cry. So she responded by making a coloring book to share with him.

    "I know he's a sensitive guy," she told BuzzFeed News. "I've seen him being little by little put into this gender role that is not him. He’s changing. I’m so sad to see he’s swallowing his emotions."

    The notion that boys can't be vulnerable is "bullshit," Johansson, 29, wrote on her blog.

    Comics "teach our kids at a really young age the only emotion they’re allowed to show is anger," she told BuzzFeed News.

    Johansson's book shows superheroes enjoy spending quality time with their families.

    And they know how to rock a dress.

    Superheroes also poop. Because, you know, everyone poops.

    Johansson, who is from Sweden but lives in Norway, has been seeing her work spread across Scandinavia.

    Some kids are even sending her their own art.

    Next, Johansson plans to make powerful princess-themed drawings to give kids even more variety.

    As for her son, Johansson said she thinks her comics got through to him.

    "I think I caught him in exactly the moment when he was about to close up," she said. "Hopefully I kept his door a little open."

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