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Kentucky Cops Fed Up With The Cold Put Out A Warrant For Elsa From "Frozen"

They do not want to build a snowman.

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It's been a brutal winter. Harlan City, Kentucky, and its surrounding area is no exception.

A beautiful snow day in Harlan County, Kentucky.

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A beautiful snow day in Harlan County, Kentucky.

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When you've seen a few days of sub-zero temperatures and nearly a foot of snow in some areas, it's hard to stay upbeat.

Luckily, Harlan City Police Chief Mike Thomas knows exactly who's responsible for the miserable weather.

So naturally, he called for her arrest.

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"I just thought it’d break the monotony of the weather and maybe give working people a chuckle," Thomas told BuzzFeed News.

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"Rest assured that Elsa's not going to jail anytime soon," he added.

The chief followed up his message with an actual warning about public safety.

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