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A Man Has Spent More Than 40 Years Making An Amusement Park In His Backyard

He welded some gigantic kinetic rides all by himself to bring people to his Italian restaurant.

In 1969, Bruno opened a small restaurant in the woods near Treviso, Italy, called Ai Pioppi.

On the first day, he was surprised to sell out of the food he had prepared, he said in a short documentary produced by the communications firm Fabrica.

So Ai Pioppi was off to a successful start, but Bruno had bigger plans for his property.

Over more than four decades, he's singlehandedly built an incredible amusement park in his restaurant's backyard. Bruno comes up with ideas himself, and even does the welding.

"I remember, when I was young, I was in love. I would look at my girl with passion. I would look at her. 'Beautiful, beautiful,'" Bruno said in Italian in the documentary. "Now, don't think I'm being silly here. When I've finished a game and I know it works, at night when I'm alone, I sit in front of it, and I admire it."

From some angles it looks almost ordinary, but make no mistake, it's a playground on steroids. And it's free to guests of the restaurant.

The attractions are also all kinetic, meaning powered only by human movement.

And they look insanely fun.

"A branch falls, a leaf floats down, a bird flies by, a stone rolls," Bruno said. "And I say to myself, 'Maybe I can use this movement.' That's how my ideas are born."

Here's a firsthand look at the different contraptions filmed by Tom Scott, a brave soul who paid Ai Pioppi a recent visit.

View this video on YouTube

Though he had a bit of a mishap off-camera that led to a hospital visit.

Bruno said his first rides were small, but as he got more passionate about his idea, he learned more advanced welding techniques. His park grew and grew.

"I didn't imagine it would be such a great success."

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