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    This Girl Did An Inspiring Dance To Colbie Caillat Months After Getting Her Leg Amputated

    She didn't let her partial amputation stop her from dancing.

    Nine months after her below-knee amputation, 8-year-old Alissa Sizemore performed a beautiful routine to Colbie Caillat's "Try."

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    Sizemore was eager to get on stage again for the Feb. 28 in her hometown of Vernal, Utah.

    "Dancing has been my favorite thing since I was 4," Sizemore told People. "I don't have part of my leg, but I can't let that stop me. I still want to dance."

    On May 6, 2014, the dancer was playing outside with friends when a UPS truck ran over her right foot, KSL-TV reported. The damage was so bad doctors couldn't save her foot.

    Last summer at dance team auditions, Sizemore hadn't yet gotten her prosthetic leg. But she handed her mom her crutches and insisted on trying out anyway, her mom, Heather Sizemore, told People.

    "Nothing will keep that little girl down," Taunia Wheeler, the director of Powerhouse Dance Studio, where Sizemore trains, told KSL-TV. "She is a light to everybody."

    Mid-performance, Sizemore surprised the audience by removing her prosthetic leg. But her moves only got even better.

    "I know I've got a pretty strong little girl," Heather Sizemore told People. "She's been everybody's strength."