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A Tech Company Just Announced A Product That Would Turn An iPhone Into A Game Boy

Meet the SmartBoy, which attaches to an iPhone 6 Plus and takes regular Game Boy cartridges.

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After they became obsolete, the novelty of portable gaming wore off a little bit.

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California tech company Hyperkin plans to launch SmartBoy to reunite you with the wonders of the Game Boy era. iPhone 6 Plus owners can attach this accessory, pop in an original or Color cartridge, and get to playing.

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The battery, charged through the phone, should last five hours, according to the company's announcement.

They're also working on an Android version, Hyperkin product developer Chris Gallizzi told BuzzFeed News.

Earlier this week Gallizzi posted the idea on Reddit, where many guessed it was an April Fools' joke.

And it would have been left as such if consumers hadn't shown interest in SmartBoy, he explained.


There's been speculation the notoriously litigious Nintendo may intervene, especially since the company just stopped a computer science student from releasing the first level of Super Mario 64 in HD.

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"That shows the mindset of the company," Gallizzi said. "They obviously are not letting fans express their admiration for their masterpieces."

He said he doubts Nintendo will do the same to SmartBoy, but if it does, so be it.

"The Game Boy was revolutionary with being able to show your friends the game without having to visit each other's house," Gallizzi said. "The Game Boy also created a sense of personal gaming — being able to play all night without your parents knowing."