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    A Company Put A Picture Of A Woman Bending Over In A Secretary Job Ad And People Are Mad

    "Ready to assume the position?"

    A British job recruitment company called ICS posted an ad on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram earlier this week looking for a secretary, and included a racy picture and caption.

    "Stockings optional!" they wrote. "Ready to Assume the position?"

    Many people who saw the ad were angered by the depiction, and took to social media to air their grievances.

    @ICSRecruitment why use sexualisation of women in the workplace through a so called job advert? Your 'company' is backwards. #Disgusting

    @ICSRecruitment This you might need to recruit yourselves a social media manager there, folks #fail

    @ICSRecruitment what a gross and utterly sexist advert! Happy to have seen it so I can make sure that I/we never do business with you.

    @Aimee_Bateman @HR_Gem @robjones_tring @kevingreenrec @ICSRecruitment I'd love to know who said 'that hits our target audience'

    @Specialee @ICSRecruitment I just can't believe that's how they would portray a professional secretarial position. It's 2015. Appalling.

    ICS responded to the backlash by saying they were referencing the movie Secretary, a 2002 erotic romance film starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    @KristenSousa @bencorbally @thomashaynes_ it is indeed! It's a #cult movie called #theSecretary pre cursor to #50Shades

    The company eventually removed the ad from social media.

    ICS did not return BuzzFeed News' request for comment.