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Thank You, Netflix

8 more days Till we can get cozy again

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I know I said I'm taking a break,

From social media,

but I feel the need to get this out of my system.

With the environment the way it is right now,

I'm probably going to make some people mad by saying this.

But a week from now,

on the 25th,

there's an event that a lot of us have been waiting for.

And I want to say

that I hope Netflix doesn't bring Kirk back.

To Gilmore Girls.


I said it.

I'm not a fan of Kirk.

He added nothing to the show.

Other than that.

Woo Hoo!

8 more days

Till we can get cozy again

With Lorelai

And Rory

And all will

Feel right with the world.

For at least 4 episodes.

Thank you, Netflix.





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