14 Places To Talk To A Stranger About Books

    In places where strangers are temporarily clustered together in silence, a shared love of books can be a great reason to say hello.

    Unlike the many ways to talk about books online, the human touch of a brief face-to-face chat might just be the buddy bench of literature lovers everywhere. Though it may come as a surprise to have someone speak up and invite a conversation — and some may not be interested — it definitely doesn't hurt to ask. Without being creepy, a friendly question about how they like their book might make their day — and yours.

    1. Bus Stop

    2. Bus

    3. Elevator

    4. Check-Out Line at the Library

    5. Bookstore

    6. Bar

    7. DMV

    8. Car Wash

    9. Dentist's/Doctor's Waiting Room

    10. Playground

    11. Laundromat

    12. Airport Security Line

    13. Airport Departure Gate

    14. Subway