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37 Things About The NYC Marathon That'll Totally Inspire You

Your pace or mine? Watch the marathon this Sunday, Nov. 2!

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1. The sheer awesome number of people who spend months and years of their lives training for this.

2. And how many of those people actually cross the finish line.

Last year, more than 50,000 people finished the marathon.

3. The marathon is amazing to watch from any vantage point. LOOK! How crazy beautiful!

4. All the supportive friends and family who turn out to cheer on the sidelines.

5. Even if they're really just thinking about the after-party.

6. The people on the sidelines who know how to find you in a crowd.

7. The supporters who can't resist the chance to make it all about them.

8. Or crack a punny Star Wars reference.

9. Or who're just looking to make a few new friends.

10. The ones who are aiming to both "hate" AND "appreciate."

11. And the ones who provide the best motivation of all.

~speeds up~

12. No wait, maybe this is the best motivation.

13. But really, the NYC Marathon is about all the incredible runners.

14. The ones who show what heart and determination look like.

15. The ones who demonstrate remarkable perseverance and strength.

16. The ones who literally defy gravity.

17. The ones who bring style and personality to the race.

20. The runners who really rep where they come from.

21. The ones who can't help but get into the celebratory spirit.

25. The runners who dare to dress up.

26. Who aren't afraid to look silly.

28. And maybe show off a little.

29. The ones who make it a family affair.

30. And who help each other along the way.

31. The ones who are running for a special cause.

32. Who are doing it for those who can't.

33. It's truly inspiring what people can accomplish when they set their mind to something.

34. Whether that means winning the race.

Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo, the top male and female runners from the 2013 marathon.

35. Or crossing the finish line at all.

36. Because nothing is as great as celebrating a hard-fought victory with the ones you love.