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This Young Leo DiCaprio Look-Alike Scored A Modeling Contract Thanks To Instagram

Is that you, Leo?

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Oh hello. No, this isn't a fine, young Leo Dicaprio. This is Australian teen Charles Levi.

The 17-year-old was doing what a zillion other teenagers do—posting selfies to his Instagram account—when one of them caught the eye of Sydney photographer Richard Sawyer.

"Young Leo is that you?" wrote Sawyer.

Sawyer then connected Levi to Jaime McHugh at Sydney's Chadwick Modeling Agency, who signed him on the spot.

He's already starred in a fashion shoot for the magazine (appropriately titled) Fucking Young

"I'm finding it kind of strange being in the limelight really, it's pretty awesome and everything," he said. "it's a great experience and great way to meet new creative people."

But young Charles says he's going to finish school before he pursues fame in earnest.

"My plan for the future is to hopefully get into a university down in Sydney so I can study there," he said. "Or perhaps even taking a gap year to have a go at modeling and to see where it goes."