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You Guys, Somebody Supposedly Invented A Dress That Changes Colors With The Touch Of A Button

Big if true.

Take a second and watch this video from Australian company Showpo, which allegedly shows off some crazy new color-changing fabric technology.

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In it, Showpo CEO Jane Lu explains that she wants to show off some new technology she's been working on for a while. "This is going to be next level," she says.

Lu then introduces us to a guy names Adam who appears to use an iPad with a color wheel on it to manipulate the shade a dress a model is wearing on screen.

Here's the dress changing from white to blue to pink.

According to an interview Showpo rep Kelly McCarren did with, the dress is made from a “special fabric that can reflect different light frequencies" and is linked to a device that can alter which frequency (and therefore which color) the light reflects.

Look again at the array of color changes.

Some people are totally in love with it.

But others are skeptical that the technology is real.