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Severed Octopus Arms Can Live On Their Own For A Really Long Time And I'm Shook

Nope nope nope nope nope.

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UH YEAH. According to Katherine Harmon, who's writing a book on octopuses, their "arms can continue reacting to stimuli even after they are no longer connected to the main brain" FOR UP TO AN HOUR.

Zhengzaishuru / Getty Images

According to Harmon, who wrote about the wonders of octopuses for Scientific American, the ability of the detached tentacle to continue to respond to stimuli could be a sign that octopi have "nociceptors," which are "neurons that are dedicated to sensing physical danger."

So in other words, octopus tentacles can continue to flex, move, and respond to the world around them even when they're detached from an octopus brain, because they FEEL FEAR.