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    Swaddle Your Sadness In This Fuckin' Ridiculous Full Body Scarf, My Friends

    *Screams depressedly*

    Winter is coming. Nay, it is here.

    Warner Bros.

    The world is on fire.

    K.C. Greene

    You probably need this.

    Yeah it's a fuckin' full body CHUNKY MOHAIR SCARF.

    GO WILD.

    Fully commit to this new lifestyle and get this CHUNKY MOHAIR TUBE SCARF in a bunch of different colors.

    Live the way you were always meant to live: Like a mole rat, with limited vision, always vaguely climbing out of warm holes, IDK, this is your new life.

    These will cost you $280 each, though. You were warned.

    Keep it casual.

    And feel free to pair your new aesthetic with handmade leggings. The end is nigh.