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A Guy Is Selling "Authentic" Fall Leaves, And People Are Actually Buying Them

Just $20 for dead leaves, you guys.

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But anyway! Autumn leaves are cool. So cool that this bro Kyle Waring decided to start, a business selling ~authentic New England leaves~ to people that don't live in New England.

How much does it cost, you ask? LOL. $19.99. For three leaves.

Says Ship Foliage's website, "Each bundle of 3 leaves is color balanced, 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 green or mixed leaf." He coats each leaf in glycerin so that they should be able to age well, but Waring told NBC, "I don't really know since I've only started making them this year." Oh good.

To illustrate what Ship Foliage's three leave program really looks like, here is three leaves.

94clover / Getty Images

Waring told NBC he has already booked 50 orders. THIS MAN HAS MADE $1000 SELLING 150 LEAVES.

Here's Kyle collecting some leaves, going crazy on that leaf peep lifestyle.

and this is how we're collecting it! @cbsboston


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