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There's A Guy Who Will Create A Custom Sculpture Of Your Anus If You Want

Or chocolate, if you prefer. NSFW, obviously.

Looking for a special Valentine's Day gift? Have you considered your anus?

Because there's an artist in London that'll make a bronze cast of your butthole.

This is Magnus Irvin, the butt magician behind bronze anus molds.

He initially began creating anus sculptures in chocolate.

After chocolates, he moved onto metals. The molds are available, says Irvin, "to anyone who wants their own anus cast, or a copy of someone else's anus."

The whole casting process takes around a half hour and are done using alginate gel, which is the same stuff dentists use to take mouth molds.

Bespoke bronze anuses aren't cheap. Irvin charges $1,900 for a custom mold.

Here's a video of the process, which again, is NSFW and maybe NSFL.

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