So You Can Totally Stay At The Crazy Mansion In "Ex Machina"

    But sorry, Oscar Isaac won't be there with you.

    Have you watched the creepy AF movie Ex Machina, yet?

    If you have, you might have been struck by the film's insanely beautiful surroundings.

    What if we told you you could actually stay at Nathan's Ex Machina mansion? BECAUSE YOU CAN.

    It turns out that director Alex Garland shot much of the film at the Juvet Landscape Hotel, in Valldal, Norway.

    Sadly this cool-ass living room is actually located in a private home. :(

    But Nathan's breakfast room? Actually one of Juvet's dining areas, off the sauna.

    The deck where he boxes? Actually a lovely seating area.

    Just look at that view.

    Or this one.

    The hotel operates year-round and currently has nine guest rooms that are spread out across the landscape.

    Rooms start around $190 per night.

    But doesn't it kind of look worth it?

    Find out more about the film, and its amazing setting here:

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