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    This 27-Story Skyscraper Is A Single-Family Home And It's Ridiculous

    Looks like Tetris, sleeps a family of six.

    Oh, hello there. Here's a 27-story skyscraper that a guy built as his SINGLE-FAMILY HOME in Mumbai. We just need to talk about it for a sec because it's EPIC.

    The building is called Antilia, and it's the private residence of Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. It cost Mr. Ambani a cool $1 billion.

    Hi, Mukesh!

    The lil' house on the prairie has its own 50-seat movie theater, parking for 160 cars, and requires a staff of 600 to keep it going. Its lobby has nine elevators.

    The house also has its own two-story recreation center, 'cause, you know, health is wealth. JK, wealth is wealth.

    So you're probably wondering what it loooks like on the inside. In a word: OPULENT.

    Many of the floors have ceilings double or triple the height of a standard room.

    You want helipads? Sure. Why not. The house has THREE.

    How about some grand staircases? OK.

    Did you want the most utterly excessive couches known to man? But of course!

    Bedrooms that look like they're straight out of a Disney Princess movie? OK, yeah.

    And why ever leave the house to do business when you have an entire FRIGGIN' SKYSCRAPER'S WORTH OF SPACE?

    Our hats are off to you, Ambani fam, for being such epic ballers. Must. Be. Nice.