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    Asos Is Selling "Man Chokers" And People Are Very Confused

    Bro-kers? Bruh-kers?

    In case you were wondering about the fragile state of masculinity: Asos is now selling chokers JUST FOR MEN.

    What makes these MAN CHOKERS different from the lady chokers sold on their site? Literally nothing, except that they are shown on male models and whoops, oh yeah, the female version of this choker is $6.50 cheaper.

    Honestly, dudes have been wearing chokers since at least the '70s, when punk icons like Sid Vicious and Iggy Pop made 'em popular.

    Elektra Records

    And yet! People are freaking out about it.

    While others are REALLY FEELING IT (like maybe too much?)

    Others just had a lot of questions.

    SAME, TBH.

    If you're really feeling a choker, but are too ~frightened~ to shop in the women's section, then by all means, go ahead and blow your cash on these man-approved options. There are 10 styles listed.

    Otherwise, guys, Asos alone has more than 600 women's choker options for you. TASTE THE RAINBOW.

    1. Does any of this make any sense to you?

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    Does any of this make any sense to you?
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      Chokers on guys are cute, but why do they need to be sold in a separate category?
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      Chokers for men is a no.
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      I don't get anything in 2017 so far.
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      I have complex feelings I will explain in the comments.