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    15 Times Lady Gaga's Outfits Slayed On "American Horror Story: Hotel"

    Because do u watch it for the plot?

    1. When The Countess rolled solo in this insanely gorgeous red gown.

    2. When she and Tristan got all Marie Antoinette-d out for Demi's party.

    3. When she had the best robe game ever.

    4. See?

    5. When she decided to wear windchimes to seduce Will Drake.

    6. When she adorned herself in lace and diamonds for an orgy.

    7. When she and her fuccboi Donovan wore this shit to find some prey (and, like, catch a movie.)

    8. When she donned this blood red ensemble to turn Alex.

    9. When she went for straight up Evita realness.

    10. When she went for HIGH DRAMZ in her choice of child-stealing outfits.

    11. When she wore ~classy~ black and white to her doomed meeting with Bernie Madoff.

    12. When she channeled her best Scarface coke bride white look.

    13. When she went full Alexis Carrington for Will Drake's dumb fashion show.

    14. When she rocked a simple scarf and gorg '70s waves.

    15. And finally, when she channeled Blanche Devereaux in the most stunning gold muumuu.