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15 Things Kim Kardashian's New Bleach Blonde Hair Looks Like

Because blondes have more ?!?!?

Earlier today Kim Kardashian unveiled her new ~lewk.~

It's quite a departure from her typical dark locks.

1. Not surprisingly, the internet has some pretty strong ~feelings~ on the change.

Is it just me or does Kim Kardashian not look the image of Skyfall's villain Raoul with her new hair style?!?

2. They'e taken to comparing her hair to various things, like, say, Steve from the video game Tekken.

3. And Android 18.

Kim K look like Android 18 😂😂😂

4. Draco Malfoy, young and old.

"@KuntaKeaKizzy: Kim k look like malfoy " didn't peep u got to it before me lol


Kim K wanna be a Harry Potter actor so bad.


Expecto Patronum! Who is more evil Kim Kardashian or Draco Malfoy?

7. Cruella de Vil...

Kim K look like Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians

8. And Frenchie? Anyone remember Frenchie?

Anyone else thinking Kim K looks like Big Brothers Frenchy😂

9. Super Saiyan.

When you go to sleep as kim kardashian and wake up as a super saiyan

10. A minikin head.

11. Model Hailey Baldwin.

“@CuteButNotFunny: Kim K looks like Hailey Baldwin now. I do not approve. ”hailey looks better

12. And Jared Leto.

“@alcrsg: IK. BEN. ZO. BOOS. ” love kim k's new hair !

13. Maybe Legolas or Storm?

Who do you think inspired @KimKardashian's new blonde hair?

14. There were a couple of Neverending Story comparisons.

Kim K looks like something off of The Neverending Story now 😳

15. Fallllllllkorrrrrrrr!

Kim Kardashian with blonde hair looks like the dragon from A Never Ending Story.

Whether you love it or hate it...

Kim k is blonde and looks like a hairless cat, Chris brown has a baby, and empire season finale is approaching.