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15 Mortifying Social Media Horror Stories That'll Have You Cringing For Days

*Logs off Facebook forever*

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their most cringey social media horror story. Here are the incredible results.

1. The meme mistake.

"An acquaintance posted a meme that said something along the lines of 'the right people don’t fit into boxes,' and I swooped in and said 'If you cut off the limbs they do! LOL!! :).' Then I found out the woman who posted it was born without part of her arm or had it amputated when young." — melissas41343c319


2. Dolphin love.

"The first time I got off my face stoned, I began fixating on dolphins for some reason. I went on FaceBook and posted a very long post about their majestic beauty, graceful underwater movement, and their good-natured temperament. I deleted the post the next morning. The only line I can remember was 'Dolphins are the golden retrievers of the sea.' Pretty mortifying." — butterflybutts91

3. The accidental Nazi.

"Once on Facebook I shared what I originally THOUGHT was an innocent maze. Turned out it was a collection of Nazi symbols. Never have I ever deleted something so quickly. I felt so guilty that it has given me FB anxiety and rarely ever go back on." — wobblywombat

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4. The baggy vagina.

"I had a house party a few years ago and accidentally left Facebook open on my laptop… Needless to say I get an angry phone call from my mum saying my grandma had seen my status and was shocked and disgusted. Post in question — 'I have a baggy vagina.' Awks." — katiep4576175d2

5. The painful paintball dream.

"I had a dream about a friend who (in the dream) sent me multiple Facebook invites to come and play paintball with him. I was so annoyed at the invites that I immediately woke up and messaged him, telling him to stop inviting me to these events. Obviously, he had no idea what I was talking about and I couldn’t come up with a good excuse once I had realized how stupid I was." — s48b651d1a


6. The Beyoncé bomb.

"In college, I went to a bar for karaoke night with my friends. We requested a Beyoncé song and were in the queue to go on stage. We wanted more people to sing with us, so I posted on what I THOUGHT was my sorority Facebook page and said something along the lines of, 'Go on stage when Beyoncé comes on bitchesssssss.' It turns out, it was my university’s ‘Class of 2014’ Facebook group with literally almost 1,000 students in it. I was already quite a few drinks deep and couldn’t figure out how to delete it until the morning. So mortifying." — jackiey3

7. The fizzy fuck-up.

"I was using a fancy bath bomb and decided to snapchat it fizzing in the water. i was distracted by the pretty colors and didn't notice my private parts were in the shot until an hour later when 20 people had seen it already. When i went to school the next day everybody asked me about my bush. Yikes." — leoc448bdb193


8. The boob bust up.

"I was talking to a guy on Snapchat, and it was getting sort of hot and heavy, so we ended up exchanging nudes. At the same time, I was snapping my out of state childhood friend who has the same name. Basically, I took a tit pic and sent it to the wrong guy. Now my childhood best friend now pics of my boobs. To this day, he’s never lets me forget it, and almost tells our moms the story every time we’re together." — queenofmiddleearth64

9. The Instagram incident.

"When we had first started dating, my then-boyfriend asked me to send him some naughty pictures. I was new to Instagram at the time, and as far as I could tell it was just a photo editing app with some cool filters. I wanted to look as good as possible in the pictures of course, so I snapped a couple, chose a nice filter and sent them off. Half an hour later I got a text from my best friend — 'Why are you naked on Instagram?!?' Whoops. I guess he liked the pictures, though — he ended up marrying me." — Jacki Potts, Facebook

10. The cunning plan.

"We have a work WhatsApp group for my team. It’s mostly used to notify each other if we’re running late but occasionally for other more fun things too. I meant to send a message saying ‘I have a cunning plan’, and unfortunately ‘cunning’ was changed to something much worse. My boss was in the group, too." — daisya2

11. The porn problem.

"I once typed in “Pornhub” as my status update on Facebook. I meant to search for it on Google but somehow screwed it up. I only realized the next morning… So everyone I have ever known now knows what I did on that cold Friday evening." — renierp


12. The axed announcement.

"I inadvertently announced that my company was going on a three month hiatus before it was officially announced because I thought it was general knowledge at the time. I wrote something along the lines of 'Woo-hoo three months of no teaching," on my Facebook wall. Cue comments from local staff freaking out and three missed calls to delete said message.

Three months later the company shut down." — misterjcampbell

13. The grossed out grandma.

"Before I had a smart phone I would send a text message to update my status on Facebook and one night I was texting my boyfriend telling him how I was going to bed and that I love him and how great the sex was that night. I even went into some detail. Once I hit send, I set my phone down and went to sleep. I woke up to so many messages and deleted friends the next morning because they were appalled at my Facebook status. My grandma blocked me entirely." — judithjane


14. The catfish that got caught.

"In 2005, I was 12 and I was a frequent visitor to this message board for teens who loved pop culture. Being the extremely self-conscious and shy kid I was, did not use real pictures of me. I creeped on the MySpace of this girl I had a HUGE crush on in 7th and 8th grade and used her photos instead. Essentially I catfished people just because I knew would never really meet them and I liked to pretend I was pretty and popular (I was obviously not).

I forgot about it until the next summer, when I got a random message from the girl whose photos I used. She said someone told her that her pictures were on this website. I literally have never wanted to die so badly. I apologized, freaked out, never went to the website again, and never saw that girl in my life. It’s been ten years and I still wonder if she remembers this. I shudder." — rachelk44a86194e

15. And, well, we've all been there:

"Just last night I drunkenly unfollowed my ex, who I’m definitely still in love with and trying to be friends with, on Instagram. When I realized it today, I awkwardly refollowed him — he has a protected account — and got anxious when he didn’t approve it right away, so of course I texted him to ask him to approve it (repeatedly). He still hasn’t approved it and I’m a hot mess. I hate my generation." — lucyw4b181a1d2

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