19 Times Kids' Test Answers Were Way Too Real


    1. This kid, who doesn't like your garbage water.

    2. This kid, who regularly confuses the planets for Beyoncé.

    3. This kid, who has a great future as an aerobics instructor.

    4. This kid, who knows what he likes.

    5. Judy, who is mega superficial.

    6. This kid, who better start doing some friggin' chores.

    7. This baby misogynist.

    8. This burgeoning Haddaway fan.

    9. This extremely underwhelmed student.

    10. This kid, who likes to get intimate with his quadrilaterals.

    11. This kid, whose answer is ~actually~ pretty philosophical.

    12. This smartass.

    13. This emo monster.

    14. This kid, who thought she figured out a seemingly foolproof way to avoid a wrong answer.

    15. This fucking artist.

    16. This realist.

    17. This kid, with tons of common sense.

    18. This future rapper.

    19. And finally, this tough guy.