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23 Things That Were Actually Invented By Drunk People

The more you know...

1. Libraries.

2. Toast.

3. Airbags for bikes.

4. New words!

5. Lots of new words.

6. See? A lot of words.

7. Including the word "SMOTH."

8. And the word "DINOBONER."

9. Cat floss. it is in action:

CAT FLOSS: THE GAME Rules 1. Get a weirdo cat who likes to chomp hair 2. Go ahead and let him chomp a strand of hair

Twitter: @knottyyarn

10. The wheelbarrow.

11. And open-faced sandwiches.

12. New languages.

13. Tight shorts.

14. And, you know, videos.

15. Wheelchairs.

16. Parcheesi.

17. Dinosaur repellent.

18. Songs...that already exist.

19. Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" dance moves.

I'm going to bed now but if you're ever frustrated just remember I invented this dance move long before Beyoncé, dr…

20. Lee Press-On Nails.

21. The game Catch.

22. And flasks.

23. But hey, it turns out sober people invent things, too:

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