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    These Makeup Dupe Secrets Are Gonna Save You A Buttload Of Cash

    Put away your wallet and follow these Instagram accounts.

    Makeup is great, but it can be a little pricey. Esp. when you're all:

    Enter the world of DUPES! What are dupes? Welp, they're more affordable — usually drugstore — counterparts to fancy, luxe makeup brands.

    Dupes are an especially great bet when you're interested in testing out a new shade or trying out a new trend, and aren't sure that you're ready to fully commit to shelling out for an expensive product.

    So...are drugstore brands REALLY as good as their high-priced, luxe counterparts? In some cases...YES!

    And it's the mission of the Instagram account DupeThat to find alllll of the best color dupes for some of the higher priced brands out there.

    While plenty of people are brand loyalists and swear by the rich, velvety feel of a more expensive MAC or Kat Von D, many just care about getting the perfect shade. And that's where DupeThat comes in.

    Like, why spend $17 on Kylie's Posie K when you could spend $6 on a perfectly reasonable $6 dupe?

    Another great account for finding the best dupes? DrugstoreDupes, which covers everything from makeup removers to mascaras to mineral powders – and everything in between.

    Annnd DrugstoreDupe.s aggregates tons of dupe accounts in one easy-to-follow place.

    Like, do you need a dupe for your fave kinda pricey primer? We got ya.

    MakeupDupes.x also offers a variety of low-cost, high-value dupes.

    And AllInTheBlush gives you a bunch of awesome options for every luxe product you want in your life.

    So now that you've got the keys to the kingdom, what are you waiting for? Dupe to your heart's content!