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27 Genius Ways To Use The Space Under Your Stairs

Because stairs take up a lot of space.

1. Create a special spot for all your precious books.

2. Or a hidden coat closet.

3. Too many towels? Build slide out drawers for extra storage.

4. Or tiered shelves that mirror your steps.

5. No time for built-ins? Stack shelves or a credenza under your stairs for a sleek look.

6. Create a sweet area for coveted keepsakes and photos.

7. Or perfect little cubby holes for everyone in your family.

8. Hang a few bike racks and free up crucial floor space.

9. Fancy a drink? Install a custom bar.

10. Use wicker baskets to store all your crap.

11. Create a secret spot to squirrel away your booze.

12. Drowning in wine bottles? Asymmetrical shelves will do the storage trick for you.

13. Maybe you need a book nook.

14. Flat file shelves are great for storing artwork or important papers.

15. How about some mirrored doors?

16. Or some drawers in the stairs themselves?

17. Maybe some cool abstract cut outs are more your speed.

18. Fit vintage crates in the underused areas.

19. Keep your TV in a special spot.

20. Create a special sitting area.

21. Or a cozy reading nook.

22. Or even a workspace.

23. Not enough privacy? Build out a secret room!

24. Or a cute kid-sized playroom.

25. What about a ~secret~ bathroom?

26. Or some extra counter space in your kitchen?

27. Here's a little window seat that snuck in under the stairs.

Whatever you do, keep it interesting!

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