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    Would You Wear Anatomically Correct Vagina Underwear?

    Because artist Eleanor Haswell made some.

    This is a pair of incredibly detailed anatomically correct vagina underpants.

    They come with a matching anatomically correct bra.

    But sadly, neither the bra or panties is available for purchase.

    And were made by 18-year-old British artist Eleanor Beth Haswell as a part of her senior high school project.

    She also created this quilled pair of undies, entitled, I Don't Need To Hide Myself From The Possibilities.

    "This particular piece responds to topics that I have recently heard being discussed, one of which is new device ‘RapeX’, along with many other ‘anti-rape inventions’." writes Haswell. "This condom-like invention is described to be easy to insert like a tampon, and has internal spikes that when attached to a penis must be removed in hospital. Many people are ranting and raving about this device, thinking it’s a fantastic idea that will stop rapists getting away unheard. Why should women have to wear a contraption at all times incase they get raped?"

    As if to confirm the artist's point that people really are uncomfortable with female anatomy, the response to Haswell's designs have been rather predictable.

    Wut? RT @BenHowe: I just … I just can’t. RT @HuffPostUKPics: Vagina pants: what we thinking?

    Oh hell no! These 'vagina pants' are 'something of a buzzkill' [photo]

    People are talking about vagina pants. In other news: I hate you.