Would You Get Naked In Bed With A Stranger? These People Did

And then they started making out, too.

1. Remember when director Tatia Pilieva made that video of very attractive strangers meeting and kissing for the first time?

2. It turned out to be a viral advert for a clothing company, but a pretty cute one.


3. Well now Pilieva is back, this time with a new video featuring folks getting NAKED IN BED WITH PEOPLE THEY’D JUST MET.


4. Strangers were invited to meet, say hello, and then begin taking off each other’s clothes.


5. This guy was so nervous he literally broke this girl’s pants.

6. And these two bonded over their shared sweaty palms.

7. At least a couple of the pairs got hot and heavy during the taping.

8. Which is pretty fitting, since the video also serves as an ad for the latest season of Showtime’s Master’s of Sex.

9. Watch the whole sweet, awkward and very sexy video here:

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