As A Bridesmaid, Would You Dye Your Hair For Your Friend's Wedding?

    Sometimes brides have very particular requests for their bridesmaids.

    Being a bridesmaid is a tradition filled with friendship, good times, and (sometimes) ugly dresses.

    But in the case of some brides, the duties of bridesmaid includes dyeing your hair whatever color she requires.

    A recent post on Reddit (which has since been removed by the original poster) detailed how one bridesmaid with naturally red hair was asked by her bride friend to dye her hair brown so that her red hair didn't "clash" or appear "too attention-grabbing."

    According to the bride in question, "brides get a veto over pretty much every aspect of her bridesmaids' appearances," and that extends to hair color.

    Redditors were pretty quick to come to the bridesmaid's defense.

    This isn't the only bridesmaid who's recently gone through such a dilemma. A woman recently wrote into Slate's Dear Prudence column because her sister asked her to dye her blue hair to brown for her wedding.

    The woman opted to wear a wig instead, and her sister wasn't happy.

    This actually comes up more often than you'd think!


    H/T Glamour