Kazakhstan Bans Lace Panties Because They Don’t “Absorb Enough Moisture”


Women in Almaty, Kazakhstan, have taken to the streets to fight a ban on lacy underwear in what they’re calling a “Panties for the President” protest. The ban actually goes back to 2012, when the Eurasian Union put a ban on the production and sale of synthetic lace panties, deeming them a health hazard.

AP Photo/Vladimir Tretyakov

Officials say synthetic fabrics don’t absorb enough moisture, and are therefore considered bad for women’s health. The new regulations outlaw underwear made from non-natural materials that don’t meet a 6% absorption threshold.

3. In effect, it was believed the underwear was leaving too much moisture “down there.”



4. But the ladies of Kazakhstan want what they want. And that’s not granny panties.

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And they’re willing to go as far as getting hauled off to jail to prove their love for lacy underthings. Seven women were allegedly detained and fined during a protest there on Sunday. (They were later released and ordered to pay a fine for disorderly conduct.)

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