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People Are Turning Viral Memes Into Eye Makeup And It's Hilarious

Meme makeup, y'all.

People are doing THE MOST by translating some of the best viral memes into eye makeup.

Instagram: @chelseywolz

The trend seems to have been started by a makeup artist whose Twitter handle is @thai_brows.

Makeup artist Lexus Perez is killing it — here's her petty Skai Jackson take.

Instagram: @lexusmperez

She also took on the confused Nick Young meme.

Instagram: @lexusmperez

They also took on the confused Nick Young meme.

Makeup artist Alexis did the perfect crying Kim.

Here's a SpongeBob meme.

And another one.

AND another one.

These women are TOO GOOD.

Can you even?

And finally, here's something for the rest of us.


An earlier version of this post referred to makeup artist @thai_brows by the wrong pronouns.

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