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Women Are Sharing Their Worst Mansplaining Experiences And It'll Make You So Annoyed

"My name. A colleague literally told me I had spelt my own name wrong."

On Wednesday, Nicole Froio, a women's studies PhD candidate living in the UK, asked women to share the "most obvious thing a man has ever mansplained to you."

And OH BOY did the internet deliver.

In case you're wondering what exactly MANSPLAINING is, well:

And there are seemingly NO LIMITS on what men will mansplain to women.

Women in the sciences chimed in.

As did academics.

And professionals.

Women also shared how men have tried explaining basic female biology shit to them. From childbirth... breast milk...

...birth control....

...and even menopause.


Lots of women shared how men tried explaining their own jobs to them.

Librarians were particularly patronized.

Then there's this guy. I mean. No.

Mansplaining knows no bounds.

But a mansplainer's favorite thing to mansplain? WHY MANSPLAINING DOESN'T EXIST.

Go forth and good luck with the mansplainers, ladies. And remember: