Women Are Dyeing Their Armpit Hair Tons Of Fun Colors

    Pit power.

    Girls are reclaiming their armpit hair — in the brightest way possible.

    Using bright dyes in bold shades, armpit-hair dyeing has taken on a life of its own.

    One popular option: Matching head and pit hair.

    Seattle stylist Rosie Hunt is credited with starting the trend, after writing a how-to blog post that got more than 30,000 shares.

    Given how subversive it is for girls to even grow out their armpit hair at all, this new trend has spawned a fair amount of criticism.

    Also, why is dying your armpit hair a thing now..... #nasty #thistrendneedstostop

    This whole dyeing your armpit hair trend needs to end now. #gross

    uhm, why are girls dying their armpit hair? #nasty #weird

    But its fans — like vlogger Destiny M — say that growing out armpit hair, and then highlighting it with dye, can feel super empowering.

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    "Imagine you're always being told what's wrong and what's right," she said in the above video. "What's attractive and what's not. ... There's all kinds of beauty standards and all of them are influenced by a patriarchal society, obviously. I think that by me growing out my armpit hair I'm challenging that. People that identify as women [have been told they have] to be hairless to be considered attractive ... and that's obviously not true."

    For now, it seems women are enjoying experimenting with cool shades and colors on a part of the body that's usually not celebrated.

    Keep being fab, ladies.