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    Wildfang Is What All Your Cool Tomboy Friends Will Be Wearing

    See Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, and Janelle Monae for reference.

    Ever heard of the clothing line Wildfang? It's a fave of Kristen Stewart, who proclaimed her tomboy tendencies with a Wildfang "Tomboy" tee.

    She's not the only famous fan of the brand: Kate Mara, Janelle Monae, and Evan Rachel Wood have all been spotted in Wildfang's iconic tee.

    Ellen Page is also a fan.

    The Portland, Oregon, shop just released its latest collection.

    It's called the Wildfang Club Collection, and it calls to mind a secret girl gang who congregates in the woods casting awesome spells.

    The club's crest is featured prominently on many of the pieces.

    Pretty witchy, eh?

    "Inside all of us is a Wildfang. We are punks and preps, mavens and mavericks. But Wildfang is at our core,” says Wildfang’s Creative Director Taralyn Thuot.

    Drawing from inspirations as disparate as '90s grunge style and Where the Wild Things Are, the club collection aims to satisfy girls who are distinctly un-girly.


    FOR REAL?!

    Just hang on a tree if you're into it.

    You're into it.