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    '90s Rave Staple JNCO Jeans Are Coming Back

    Let's take this to the rave cave.

    JNCO jeans were a staple of the '90s rave scene.

    The crazy wide legs made it super easy to dance your face off at raves.

    But the jeans also kind of made it look like you were storing an extra human or an animal in them.

    Girls would wear them with babydoll tees and Adidas hoodies, while guys would pair 'em with oversized tees and skate shoes.

    Of late, they've been kind of gone, but NEVER FORGOTTEN.

    Just this week, a Chinese investment company pledged to bring back the wide-leg amazingness and revive the brand.

    According to WWD, "The core collection features traditional styles including a knit jean with a slouchy fit ... and the heritage collection offers leg openings of 20 inches and 23 inches ... All of the product will feature JNCO's crown logo."

    The exact release date isn't known, so stay tuned and RAVE ON.