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    What It's Like To Be Styled By The Costume Designer For "Girls" And "OITNB"

    How you too can dress like a TV character.

    Jenn Rogien is the costume designer on Girls.

    And she also makes everyone look good (and criminal) on Orange is The New Black.

    Recently, BuzzFeed teamed up with Jenn and TJ Maxx to give three BuzzFeed staffers "character" makeovers.

    Jenn had each woman fill out a "character" description first, in order to get to know them. The process was similar to what she does when she's dressing characters on her shows.

    Then Jenn headed to one of TJ Maxx's Manhattan stores, picking out a slew of shoes, skirts, dresses and tops for each woman.

    In less than 40 minutes, she managed to come up with three unique outfits for each girl.

    First up: Tracy.

    Jenn dressed Tracy in a cute brunch (and work) appropriate outfit with cute contrasting plaid patterns.

    Next: Marie.

    Jenn picked up on Marie's tough but feminine vibe and put her in a sexy day-to-night dress and heels.

    And finally, Maitland.

    Jenn put Maitland in a cute downtown look:

    Jenn says that any woman can style herself like a "character" — simply shop with a specific aspect of your personality in mind.