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    What It's Like To Be Styled By The Costume Designer For "Girls" And "OITNB"

    How you too can dress like a TV character.

    Jenn Rogien is the costume designer on Girls.


    And she also makes everyone look good (and criminal) on Orange is The New Black.


    Recently, BuzzFeed teamed up with Jenn and TJ Maxx to give three BuzzFeed staffers "character" makeovers.

    Lauren Zaser/

    Jenn had each woman fill out a "character" description first, in order to get to know them. The process was similar to what she does when she's dressing characters on her shows.

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    The descriptions included who they were, what they liked to do, and a bit about where each woman felt she was in her life.

    Then Jenn headed to one of TJ Maxx's Manhattan stores, picking out a slew of shoes, skirts, dresses and tops for each woman.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    In less than 40 minutes, she managed to come up with three unique outfits for each girl.

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    That's 9 total outfits. In 40 minutes. That's CRAZY.

    First up: Tracy.

    Courtesy Tracy Clayton

    Tracy's "character:" "I'm a "go-with-the-flow" type of person who believes that everything happens for a reason. I value happiness above success or possessions. I'm as comfortable in a pair of sneakers as I am in a pair of stiletto heels, and I love both equally. I'm equal parts sweet and serious, happy to be friends with everyone but won't allow myself to be mistreated. I'm funny, witty, and outspoken with a strong sense of pride. My favorite thing to do is to lounge at happy hour or brunch with my friends, dressed for both comfort and for turning heads."

    Jenn dressed Tracy in a cute brunch (and work) appropriate outfit with cute contrasting plaid patterns.

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    Tracy says: "My final look was definitely something I wouldn't have put together on my own, and I tend to go for clothes that are more fitted to show off my figure while I still have it. I feel like she got the general idea though; I love a good heel and a pop of color!"

    Tracy is wearing: Kate Spade shoes; Splendid plaid shirt; Equipment sweater; Nanette Lepore skirt.

    Next: Marie.

    Courtesy Marie Telling

    Marie's self-written character description? "My ex once told me I was as sweet as a salt mine. It wasn’t very nice, but it was pretty accurate. I am not mean, but I am not sweet. I am warm to my closest friends and relatives but pretty cold and guarded with the rest of the world. I am feminine and I love clothes but I hate spending hours getting ready. My ideal style would be effortless and elegant, with an edge. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses but I don’t like cutesy, twee, pastel things and I think I look ridiculous in over complicated outfits. I guess I should mention that I am French."

    Jenn picked up on Marie's tough but feminine vibe and put her in a sexy day-to-night dress and heels.

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    Marie's thoughts on her final look: "When we were shopping, I was worried that the looks Jenn was picking for me were a bit too mature and work-oriented for me, but I loved the final look she picked. I would never wear these shoes in real life (I wouldn't even notice them in a store) because I don't usually wear heels. But they were really badass and I really LOVE the dress and the jacket!"

    Marie is wearing: Theory dress; Vince jacket; Jimmy Choo shoes.

    And finally, Maitland.

    Courtesy Maitland Quitmeyer

    Maitland's character: "I'm a little bossy and enjoy telling people what to wear. I love when friends ask for clothing advice or I get to tell someone a fun fact. My friends have to lovingly tell me to keep the volume down sometimes. I'm fresh out of college and trying to make it work in New York. Family, personal style, and friends are all important to me."

    Jenn put Maitland in a cute downtown look:

    Lauren Zaser/

    Maitland says: "My style can be pretty old fashioned, so what Jenn picked out for me was super different but came together well! Once I had the look on, I was loving the comfy cool girl vibe, which is something I can't usually pull off. I may have to give sweatshirt-chic more of a try in the near future!"

    Maitland is wearing: Aiko sweatshirt; Vince jacket; Theory jacket; leather pants; Riess heels.

    Jenn says that any woman can style herself like a "character" — simply shop with a specific aspect of your personality in mind.

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