We Tried Amazon's Best-Rated Swimsuits To See If They Were Actually Worth It

    Spoiler alert: They're all under $30.

    Shopping for swimsuits can be the absolute worst. Which is why we thought we'd try a few of the THOUSANDS of suits available on Amazon and give some of the highest-rated suits a try. We had four women with four different body types model the suits. Here's what they thought.

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    1. First up, Caity tried the Zeraca side-tie bikini. It comes in 17 different colors and is available in sizes 2 to 18 for $20.99.

    Caity's thoughts: "Love this bathing suit, mostly because of the ruching at the butt. This wasn’t too tight in certain areas I’m normally concerned about."

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    2. Caity also tried the Cupshe Lace Halter Bikini. It's available in sizes small to XXL for $26.99.

    She had some ~issues~ with the padding.

    Caity's thoughts: "This was probably my least favorite suit, but it had nothing to do with the fit and more to do with the style. I'm more of a black/plain suit person. The suit was very comfy, and I did really like the lace top. After removing the boob padding, the top was super well-fitted and looked better."

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    3. Her final suit was the Dixperfect one-piece "Slay" suit. It's available in sizes small to extra-large for $23.99.

    Caity's thoughts: "I normally don't wear one-pieces, because I have a very small waist and thick legs, but this suit fit me pretty perfectly. It was comfortable and held all of my curves together. I love the high-waisted aspect of the suit, and it was definitely my favorite."

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    4. Conz tried the Cupshe tropical-print two-piece. It's available in sizes small to XXL for $26.99.

    Conz’s thoughts: “This was my favorite during the shoot, but now looking at myself in the photos I feel like my boobs look weird. Like maybe the cut of the top is not the most flattering? I do love how comfortable the bottoms were, and I’m looking forward to hitting the beach in this.”

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    5. Then she modeled this Parici Brazilian plunging bikini that cost less than $12. It's available in sizes 4 to 18 and comes in five colors.

    Conz's thoughts: "I felt like my boobs were going to pop out at any minute and it looks like the photos captured exactly how I felt. There's a ton of sideboob happening, and I don't know how people wear this at the beach without flashing everyone every five minutes. I do LOOOOOVE the bare back, though — perfect for tanning."

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    6. And she also tried this Cupshe Cut to It Shell irregular-hem one-piece padded swimsuit. It's available in sizes small to XXL for $23.99.

    Conz's thoughts: "Weirdly this is the one I liked the least during the shoot but I think it's the one that flatters my body the most. Definitely not a style I had worn before, but I guess i should start broadening my beach outfits because I loved how I look in it!"

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    7. Elaina tried the Fanssie vintage-style one-piece. The suit is available up to a size 14 for $19.99.

    Elaina's thoughts: "This suit was super comfortable and fit me really well. Usually one-pieces are tough because I'm on the taller side, but this one had adjustable straps so it was perfect!"

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    8. Elaina also tried this Tempt Me floral print bikini. It comes in sizes small, medium, and large for $17.44.

    Elaina's thoughts: "I personally didn't like this one, but everyone in the studio for the shoot seemed to love it. It didn't really work with my setup — the bottoms were SO TINY and the top pretty much got rid of any trace of boob I might have, and I was left with a whole lot of skin out in the open. The top was in a precarious position, and so I couldn't move around too crazily for fear of it slipping off."

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    9. And finally, she gave this Creabygirls high-waisted two-piece a whirl. It's available in sizes 2 to 14 for $16.99.

    Elaina's thoughts: "This one made me want to run and jump and karate kick, it fit so well. The top felt like armor because the cups were sturdy and shaped like, well, what you'd expect female armor to be. And the plain black bottoms are great because I can just switch out tops all willy nilly if I ever feel like it!"

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    10. Carly tried Cupshe's cross-front one-piece. It's available in sizes small to XXL for $29.99.

    Here's what it looked like on Carly. (And yup, she opted not to wear it crisscrossed in front.)

    Carly's thoughts: "I think this one was my favorite. I really like a good plunge; I like a lot of cleavage, but I want some coverage with the cleavage. This was perfect."

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    11. And she tried Haicoo's high-waisted striped bikini. This suit also comes in a floral pattern. It's available in sizes medium to XXXXXL for $29.99.

    Carly's thoughts: "I think the worst thing was the high-waisted bottoms for this suit. If I'm wearing a bikini I want to tan my stomach, not have it covered."

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    Caity: The most surprising thing about the bathing suits was the quality. Sometimes you have to be really wary about the quality and how things actually look compared to the picture. But they actually lived up to my expectations. I was really surprised by the fit.

    I also thought the suits were good in terms of size. After this whole experience I would 100% recommend shopping for suits on Amazon. Get 'em because they’re cheap, because your boyfriend got tickets for Aruba, you never know, you’re in a crunch.

    Conz: I was very pleasantly surprised with the suits. The cuts were great and actually flattering, and the material was super soft. And I feel like I could actually wear any of the three on a beach day.

    They all felt true to size, though the one with the scalloped top was a bit on the big side. I’m surprised that they were all under $30 — I think under $30 is a great price for these. I would definitely recommend shopping for suits on Amazon based on the suits I just tried on.

    Elaina: I was truly surprised with how well they fit. The material was good, and it was definitely of much higher quality than I expected, to be honest. The design and fit on all of them was much better than I expected.

    Carly: The suits were surprisingly good. I might size up one size on the black suit so it'd be a little less scandalous-looking, but I liked them. The material was good. It seemed like it would last a few years. You could really go swimming and lie on the beach and have the sand get in there and it's not gonna fall apart.