These Photos Prove That Meryl Streep Has Always Been A Babe

    Best actress and totally babely.

    Let's talk about America's most enduring national treasure: Meryl Streep.

    She's amazing now, but she was also a mega-babe in the '70s and '80s.

    Just look at her in this purple-on-purple-on-cowboy boots ensemble.

    Annd here she is just chilling with fellow cool as hell '80s It Girl Diane Keaton.

    But that's not all. Here she is reading some feminist lit, planning her world domination or whatever.

    Somehow pulling off the most intense patchwork blazer ever.

    Just bringing some homemade cookies or kugel to the party.

    Enjoying a romantic embrace from Dennis Quaid in Postcards from the Edge.

    Proving she can pull off the Dorothy Hammill.

    And also a wild head of curly locks.

    Here she is giving bunny ears to frickin' Shirley MacLaine.

    Looking cute AF in all black.

    Proving she is a flawless goddess.

    And proving she is a flawless goddess who can also walk around with a baby Henry Gummer strapped to her.

    Did '80s Meryl Streep ride the subway? Yes, she did.

    She also pulled off this all-white ensemble like a boss.

    And kept things frumpterable before frumpterable was a thing.

    Gorgeous hair? Check.

    Radiant smile? Double check.

    All hail Kween Streep!