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    Victoria's Secret's "Sexy" Sports Bra Isn't Selling

    The gym "is a fashion club now," says Victoria's Secret's CEO. Maybe not.

    This is Victoria's Secret's "Knockout" sports bra.

    It's part of Victoria's Secret Sport, a collection of sports bras that have push up features and padding designed to accentuate the breasts while working out.

    They retail for between $29 and $54.

    Victoria's Secret launched the collection last October, banking on the idea that women want to show off at the gym.

    “It’s a fashion club now,” Victoria's Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney said. “The days of wearing our old workout shorts and ratty T-shirts are over.”

    VS concentrated on making women's boobs look good while they worked out, while offering bras with "medium" and "minimum" levels of support.

    "We wanted to solve the uniboob problem, where your sports bra makes you look straight across — no one likes that," Turney said this past November. "This bra is just as much about performance and function as the look."

    But it hasn't exactly paid off.

    The chain's line of push up sports bras isn't selling as well as expected.

    “We bought enough to hit a home run, but we hit about a double or a triple,” Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said at an event this past week. But while sales are lagging, the company insists it won't discount the bras just yet.

    Why the lag in sales? Perhaps women don't care as much about looking good while working out as Victoria's Secret thinks they do.

    “Why must everything we do be sexualized?” asked writer Almie Rose in a recent blog post. “Isn’t the gym the one place left where we can just be ourselves?”

    Maybe women would rather work out than worry about their boobs.

    Just a thought.