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Victoria's Secret Tried To Sell Lingerie As "Outside Wear" And People Are Mad

"Lingerie is meant for under your clothes or in the bedroom."

In August, Victoria's Secret launched a mini-collection they dubbed the (Un)Dress Code.

The lingerie collection is meant to be worn both underneath clothes and by itself, as shown here.

The collection includes a semi-sheer slip dress, along with two bralettes, a bodysuit, a sheer-ish skirt, and a bustier.

But many questioned both the practicality and the appropriateness of wearing some of these garments sans cover-ups.

Both this bralette and the mini bustier (pictured above) are made from nothing more than sheer lace, and seem pretty revealing.

Same goes for this lace pencil "skirt."

And this triangle bralette.

Critics of the collection took to Facebook to accuse the brand of making poor marketing choices.

Some felt it was an unrealistic trend for most women.

While others felt it was simply a dated ~lewk~.

But not everyone was disparaging of the collection.

And some felt that people who were critical of the look were actually being overly judgmental and "uptight."

Victoria's Secret has since removed the (Un)Dress Code collection page from its website, thought the individual items from it are still for sale.