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38 Awesome Unexpected Moments Of Lady Bonding

"Here, let me get you some toilet paper."

Buzzfeed / Via Eugene Choi/iStockphoto

1. When there's no toilet paper in your stall and you need to rely on a stranger in the women's room to get you TP.

2. When you notice toilet paper stuck on the bottom of another woman's shoe and let her know.

3. When you bond about both getting your period and/or cramps on the same day.

4. When you show up to an event wearing the same dress as another woman there and laugh about it.

5. When you find out that you and another woman have hooked up or dated the same loser.

6. When you meet a woman who works or worked with someone you can't stand, and you bond over how terrible they are.

7. When you witness dudes being jerks or mansplaining and share an eyeroll moment.

8. When you spot someone wearing the same great lipstick or nail varnish as you and give a knowing nod.

9. When you lend a woman your Chapstick or blush or deodorant in a moment of desperation.

10. When you're both putting on makeup in a bathroom and share tips on contouring or eyeliner application.

11. When you're in that bathroom at a bar on New Year's Eve and a girl is freaking out because the zipper on her skirt is broken and you fashion a makeshift device with bobby pins to "fix it."

12. When you ask a stranger for a tampon or when you provide a stranger with a tampon.


13. When you realize you and another woman are the same pant size even though you have very different body types (basically Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).

14. When your purse falls on the ground and shit flies everywhere and a very understanding lady helps you pick it up.

15. When you help a lady avoid an embarrassing moment by kindly letting her know there's something in her teeth, or that her skirt is tucked into her tights.

16. When a woman fixes your bra strap because it was peeking out, or pulls up your shirt for you when it's too low in the back and your strapless bra is showing.

17. Or tells you your zipper is down.

18. When you see a woman struggling to walk in high heels and you give her a sympathetic look.

19. When you are checking out at a store/restaurant/etc. (i.e., your hands are very visible) and you and a stranger share a mutual appreciation for each other's nail art.

20. When a woman compliments you on your haircut and you get in an in-depth conversation about hair texture or style.

21. When you trade makeup tips or favorite product suggestions with another woman at Sephora.

22. When you're trying clothes and come out of the dressing room and a stranger or female employee is actually honest about whether or not it looks good.


23. When you and another woman both notice a ridiculously sexist advertisement and raise your eyebrows to it.

24. When a woman is the ONLY one to offer you a seat on the train, despite "chivalry."

25. When you both have broken phone screens and give each other a nod of clumsy recognition.

26. When you compliment a woman on her dress and she shares where she got it with you.

27. When you have the same haircut or hair color and are immediately drawn to each other because of it.

28. When you struggle next to someone in exercise class and share a knowing look.

29. When you see a woman with kids trying to race through the checkout line at the grocery store, and you let her go ahead of you.

30. When you help a struggling woman carry her packages or baby stroller up the subway steps.

31. When you hold the door open for a woman who has a lot of stuff, or several children to wrangle.

32. When you let another woman know that her favorite store is having a massive sale.

33. When you have a clothing swap, and a woman gives some of your former favorite things a new home.

34. When you're waiting on line for a public restroom and you commiserate over how long the line is taking.

35. When you offer a woman a really good tip on where to find a good manicure, tailor, babysitter, or sandwich.

36. When you tell a random woman from a different generation your sexual harassment story and she tells you hers and you realize that it's been 40 years and nothing has changed.

37. When a woman sees you crying in public and she asks you if you're OK and offers you a tissue.

38. When you realize how lucky and special it is to be a lady who gets to share random, weird, special moments with other ladies.

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