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This Is What $1,000 Birkenstocks Look Like


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If you really want to prove your dedication, perhaps you'll consider these ridiculous CUSTOM PYTHON Birkenstocks from JBF Customs.

They start at a cool $1K. Yes, that's right. These Birks are $1,000.

JBF Custom shoes are all made to order, and each pair starts at a thousand dollars, but, says JBF, "we reserve the right to take custom orders for any design that is not explicitly limited. If for some reason you insist on your shoes being a 1of1 in the entire world, price will be double."

Oh, and that fancy beach setting is not included.

Just think of this way: They may be expensive, but they'll probably also be the ugliest shoes you'll ever own.

And you can't put a price tag on that.