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27 Insanely Easy Two-Ingredient DIYs

You'll love all the time and money you'll save with these super simple DIY projects.

1. Tired of your lipgloss colors? Make your own, using crayons!

2. Give your hair a nourishing, moisturizing treat.

3. Make your own super simple nail polish remover.

4. For a relaxing break, mix a few drops of lavender oil with some epsom salts.

5. Calm your skin with a healing two-ingredient anti-acne mask.

6. Give your scalp some love with this brown sugar and olive oil treatment.

7. Soothe your skin with a cucumber and honey skin toner.

8. Make your own safe self-tanner.

9. Over store-bought deodorant? Make your own at home!

10. Mix a soothing face mask from cucumber and egg white.

11. Make a soothing foot soak with just two ingredients

12. Get your makeup brushes clean as a whistle with castile soap and olive oil.

13. Cut down on greasy locks with this DIY dry shampoo.

14. Struggling with stubborn skin? Try this DIY blackhead remover.

15. Make an easy and affordable makeup remover with just two ingredients.

16. Treat your scalp with soothing oatmeal and olive oil.

17. Create a soothing shave gel with just aloe vera and olive oil.

18. Make your own beautiful blush.

19. Treat yo' self with this sea salt and olive oil scrub.

20. Make your own writeable chalkboard paint! It's easy!

21. Make a simple but fresh-smelling air deodorizer with just lavender and baking soda.

22. Make a homemade and super non-toxic wood polish with just lemon juice and olive oil.

23. Make a mega-moisture rich soap from just beeswax and coconut oil.

24. Bake your own dog treats with baby food and flour.

25. Make edible finger paint (yum!) for your kids to play with!

26. Get your furniture looking like new with this DIY leather cleaner.

27. Make a non-toxic DIY fabric softener for great smelling laundry.